A brief history

I started attending comic book and pop culture conventions in 2014 and i was quickly won over by the cosplayers. The effort that they put into their work, along with their supportive community, really inspired me. While I'm not much of a tailor, or a craftsman, I've always loved photography, and I wanted to combine my passion with theirs. I was taking the usual shots at my first conventions, but then I started to edit them into more dramatic pieces, often on my iPhone (see the above examples).

I went on Instagram and quickly found that most cosplayers end up with average quality photos, often in bushes outside of a convention center, or surrounded in a crowd. At the other extreme, those who sought out professional photographers often wound up with largely over-edited shots, adding magic effects, fire, and fictional surroundings that I felt took away from the hard work and detail that they put into their cosplay. It also meant finding and scheduling a photographer, which a lot of people don't know how to get started with, or end up scheduling outside the convention hours, taking away from time that they can be at other events or with friends that are brought together by the convention.

I decided to start a business that brought a photo studio to cosplayers, at the conventions that they're already attending. My studio backdrop and lights are ready to go, and offer cosplayers quick, approachable and painless photography services for minimal pricing (shoots start at just $20), as well as on-site 8x10 prints within minutes of their shoot. For both novice and professionals alike, Heroic Imaging offers a fun and easy solution to obtaining pictures that capture how epic you feel in the results of all of your labor.

My goal is to make the magic happen in the camera, shooting things honestly and accurately, without needing to add effects to really sell an image. At conventions, I shoot the photos and they're emailed out within a few minutes of the shoot. Post-production not only increases cost (more often than not), but it delays the ability to share the images right away, while the convention is still going and when the pictures are most relevant. I want cosplayers to be proud of their images, and upon reflection, feel that any money spent at my booth was the best use of their money at the convention.

I'm excited about heading out to more conventions, to meet more cosplayers, and to provide more shots to them, capturing the memories of the convention. I'm also available for commissioned location shoots, and can be reached at info@heroicimaging.com. You can also get in touch by finding Heroic Imaging on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

I look forward to working with you.

Lee Heida


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